Learn the baby Steps to Personal Growth

Learn the baby Steps to Personal Growth
It is not easy changing habits for new ones neither is unlearning old belief systems easy but in order to grow, you will have to keep unlearning and relearning. People fail to understand that there is no apex to growth, we all are a work-in-progress, which is why you need to take it easy on yourself and move steadily but surely. The competition is not against people but against the older versions of yourself. Each day, you must thrive to be and do better than your yesterday, which is where the power of growth lies. Below are some simple tips that will get you growing:

Know who you are

For most people, this is totally a cliché. Nobody loves this particular sermon because it is quite tasking knowing everything about you. However, you cannot start the journey to growth without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, (fortunately, that is all it takes to know yourself).

What are those things that get you all excited?
What are your passions and responsibilities?
Listen to yourself, study your lifestyle and jot down the things that reveal how strong and smart you are, as well as things that reveals your weaknesses.

Show up for yourself

To grow is to become confident enough to show up for yourself at all times. I know no man is an island and sometimes we need people to hold our hands for every step we take, but should we let our guards down because we are expectant of an army yet to come?

Go and show up for that skill you’ve been procrastinating to learn, show up for that Tedtalk you are scared of, show up for your health and don’t get ready rather stay ready at all times!


How thick is your skin?

While growing, you will face a lot of criticisms from people. Ensure you develop a thick skin that reminds you that not everybody criticisms are valid, and sincerely, you must not and cannot please everyone.

Quit trying to please everybody and filter every person’s judgment that gets access to you.

Challenge yourself

Every day you wake, challenge yourself, make your bed, clean up your room, go for a walk and do things that you rightly ought to do. Developing a great attitude starts with the minor things. As time goes on, the character of challenging yourself will begin to reflect in every aspect of your life.

Replace bad habits with good ones, learn a skill and improve on it, stay happy in ugly times, go for checkup and stay disciplined, your future self will thank you.



Create a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plan for yourself.

  • What do you intend to achieve in years to come?
  • What about in a month?
  • Let’s break it down to a week?
  • Now a day?

Every lifelong plan must have a daily deposit of investment. Do you wish to become a professional and prominent OAP? Then start each day speaking to the mirror, each month speaking to an audience, each year anchoring conferences and talk shows. With these growth processes, your lifelong goal becomes clearer and possible like never before!


Learn to Listen

We are given two ears and a mouth because we ought to listen more than we talk. Don’t always try to interrupt conversations because you know better, you learn and grow more if you start taking listening more seriously.


Take Responsibilities for your mistakes

Blaming a friend who introduces you to a business that later on crashed is crazy. It is expected of you to read the terms and conditions of that business, the method of operation and its risk level.

Taking responsibility even when there is a profound reason it wasn’t your fault will teach and guide you against another pot hole.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to say yes to a murder case when you are obviously innocent, huh? I am saying you should quit blaming people for your own mistakes.


Develop a heart of gratitude and patience

Be thankful for where you are right now and who you’ve become irrespective of your growth level. It takes gratitude to see the bigger picture clearer and sooner. Growth does not happen in a day; it takes series of hard work and time. Be patient and remain thankful while encountering significant changes.

Don't become too hard on yourself, if you fall back to the ground the second time, remove your shoes this time and climb the ladder again.

Welcoming you to my community

You have a big dream to unveil but unveiling that dream can get so burdensome. Hence, you will need not just experienced coaches but also, mentors who will put you through every step on the way to building wealth, developing your sense of worth and potentials, as well as, improving your business networks. Who wouldn’t want that?


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