Feeling Healthy In Your Wealth

Feeling Healthy In Your Wealth
Wealth isn't just about having money. It's also about how you feel about money and what it means to you. If your definition of wealth is tied up in material things and not about your state of mental health, then achieving it may seem impossible. But if your goal is to feel healthy in your wealth—and not just have more money in the bank—then there are ways to get there.

Defining Wealth

Wealth is not just about having money. Wealth is something that you have to define for yourself. Wealth is also about how you feel about your life, what you've accomplished (a state of fulfilment), and how people see and treat you.

Income might seem like the easiest way to measure your wealth but don't make this mistake! Incomes vary greatly from person to person—and even within the same household! Income can change dramatically over time as well (think promotions or new jobs). Don't compare yours with anyone else's unless they're willing to share their exact numbers with you—and even then I'd recommend caution before assuming anything at all based on their earnings alone!
Feeling Healthy In Your Wealth

What's Your Goal?

To feel healthy in your wealth, define what you want to achieve.

Spend your wealth based on what you earn

Define what you want to achieve in relation to your family, your career, and your finances

To get started, you need to define what you want to achieve and what you want to avoid. The first step is determining if there is a disparity between how much money you earn and how much money it takes for your lifestyle, also determine what benefits and what hurts your finance.

Once your goals are clear and in front of you, it's time for hard work. You now have a chance to use your wealth wisely and achieve those goals by spending less than what's coming in. This process can be difficult because it means changing some habits but it will pay off if done right!

When I'm talking about spending less than what's coming in, I'm not suggesting living like Scrooge - there is no reason why we shouldn't enjoy life as much as possible while still keeping within our means! It just requires finding creative ways around paying too much for things that don't matter (like coffee) while making sure important expenses (like groceries) are covered adequately.
Feeling Healthy In Your Wealth

Wealth isn't all about money, but also about how you feel about money!

So, if wealth isn't all about money, what does it mean to be wealthy? Well, to me, wealth is feeling good in your life and relationships. It's about having the resources that you need to live out your dreams and reach your goals. It's also important that you have a plan for your wealth so that you can achieve those goals!

Now let's talk about some of the ways in which we can achieve this feeling of "wealth." I believe that one of the most important things when striving towards financial freedom is defining what exactly our wealth means to us (i.e., whether it's being able to travel around the world or buy a new car). 

In order for us as individuals with different values around money and material goods to succeed at meeting our own personal definitions of success—whatever they may be—we must define them first! And once we've defined these values clearly in our minds then we can start putting them into action by setting specific goals which will help us along our journey towards achieving those things which bring us happiness and fulfillment personally as well as professionally; thus helping us feel like an overall healthier person inside rather than just focusing on numbers alone like their average salary potentials versus how much money was saved up over time from income taxes withheld during employment last year... no matter how high those numbers might look at first glance upon initial glance though."

You may be wealthy and not even know it because you've never defined what wealth means to you.

Wealth is a state of mind. It's not about how much money you have or spend, it's about how you feel about your financial situation and yourself. State of mind here means feeling comfortable or knowing how to enjoy what you earn. If you tie wealth to figures where will it end, 1 million, 2, 3 million? Wealth is not only about figures but knowing how to be comfortable with what you earn. If wealth is defined by having lots of money, then maybe you don't feel wealthy at all!

You may be wealthy and not even know it because you've never defined what wealth means to you. Perhaps your definition includes an inflated lifestyle with fancy cars, expensive clothes, and extravagant vacations every year. Or perhaps it includes living in a small home that requires no maintenance while saving up for retirement so that one day when the time comes to retire—and there aren't any more paychecks coming in—you'll be ready with enough savings to live comfortably on Social Security alone until the end of time (or until the robots take over).
Feeling Healthy In Your Wealth

Do not compare your wealth to others

It's important to not compare yourself to others. The truth is, what you have is all you need. You may be unhappy with your current wealth compared to someone else, but in the grand scheme of things, your wealth is plenty when handled the right way. That is having a lifestyle with your wealth and not trying to impress or spend like people around you who might likely be earning more than you do. Living a lifestyle higher than your earnings will never make you feel wealth. Also, remember that people are out there who are looking up to you—people who wish they had more than they currently do. Be happy with what you have!


Now that you’ve read this post, I hope it helped you to understand the importance of defining your goals. We all have a different definition of wealth, which means that it’s important for each of us to decide what we want for ourselves and then set out on our own path toward achieving those goals.


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