Overcoming Low Self-esteem for All Round Success

Overcoming Low Self-esteem for All Round Success
Low self-esteem is simply not placing value on yourself. It is a situation where you have little or no self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. This affects all aspects of your life, from your relationships with people down to your career.
It brings unnecessary anxiety, eating disorder, and panic, mental and emotional stress. If you are struggling with these signs, then you might want to consider these steps:

Identify the Problem

Examine the situations that happen around you and highlight the very ones that gives you sweaty palms and stomach upset. Recognize the people, situations or thoughts that actually make you see less of yourself.

Taking note of such factors does not necessarily mean you should entirely cut those factors off, but it helps you become quickly reminded to put your guards up whenever you are confronted by any of these problems.

Reprogram your thoughts

After identifying the problem, begin to train your mind to think differently. Become aware of all your thoughts and stay prepared to do some mental filtering. Always speak and think positively, this helps to boost your charisma, confidence and competence.

Ensure you do it all the time, because unlearning old belief systems is not a day job.


See Beauty in Ashes

For every bad situation that comes your way, program yourself to always see the beauty in every challenge. If you are going through a rough time with your boss who is provocative, you might use that diamond opportunity to learn stillness, tolerance and maybe some great listening skills. This might occur in any area of your life, therefore ensure you start re-defining your challenges.

Forgive Your Past and Present

We all have made silly mistakes. You are not alone in this and it is very much okay to accept it. Go back to what must have happened, meditate on it and begin your healing process. The goal is not only to forget but also to forgive, which makes healing paramount.

Your next breakthrough might be limited by the thoughts of your past. Be reminded that your thoughts create your present and future.

Know that you will also make mistakes even after taking this leap of faith to forgive your past. Accept it because you are human and it is inevitable. Don't torture yourself. Learn from it, and do better next time.


Love and Take care of yourself

Do you love yourself? Or is the question quite difficult to answer, because you don't seem to know the yardstick to measure your self-love? Trust me, it’s my pleasure to tell you some;

  • How often do you affirm who you are?
  • Do you take your health seriously?
  • What does your eating habit look like?
  • How often do you give yourself the very best?
  • Do you have boundaries or you are like a public rest room?
  • In a nut shell, are you your ride or die?
I guess, you've seen the clearer picture of what self-love could probably mean.

Become Productive

Nothing in this world can escalate low self-esteem more than an idle mind. That feeling of emptiness where everyone else is going on with their day and you are just on the couch wondering what you could probably do with your life.  Every single person went through this particular moment but what differentiates them from you, is getting up to take actions. Time is not a friend to an idle mind.

After pondering, don't just get motivated by my sermon and become a busy body rather, thrive to become productive.


Keep a healthy association

Yes, you heard that loud and clear! You might probably want to do some clean up here and there of people who talk you down and probably add no value to you. It’s either a person adds to you or subtract from you, nobody can stay neutral in your life.

Who is taking most of your time?

You might probably use this question as a yardstick to place your judgment.


Develop a heart of Gratitude

It only gets better appreciating the good things around you. Be grateful with what you have, who you are and where you are. The struggle to become like someone else will never satisfy you. Quit the chase, quit the competition and quit the comparison. Be yourself

Welcoming you to my community

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