The Alphawoman Program is building winning ladies to dominate the business and corporate world.

We teach women how to build corporate business systems and raise capital without seeking for loans.

AlphaWealths understand the needs of women in every society; with our expertise in building wealth and making businesses thrive, we help women rise above average standard of living, teaching them multiple ways to earn mouthwatering income, start a business, and lead multinational corporations.

Two exclusive categories await you:


The Superwoman

We want every single woman to embrace financial security

The SuperWoman program is for young and ambitious single women who aspire to do better in their finances. We want to instill the importance of building wealth and business success in women.

Through our mentorship and our life-changing plan, we teach and guide single women better ways to make money and afford a fascinating lifestyle before starting a family.

Are you a woman looking for better ways to unleash the Superwoman in you?


The Rich Black Woman

We want every married woman to become monthly millionaires

We help married women earn bigger and better while being a great support system to their spouses and also, having ample time for their family.

AlphaWealths knows the daily challenges of married women who need the relevant platforms to express their potential. Through our training, we fuel those little burning desires that spark from within.

The Rich Black Woman program trains women on simple ways to create multiple streams of income, build global businesses and show them strategic ways to raise capital for their start-ups while being a great support system to their family.

Join married women like you and start earning eight figures today!


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